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Frutas Finas de Tancitaro

Aguacates de Michoacán


Fine Fruit Company was founded in 1986, following which there was no market our Avocados, pretending to seek market not only for our own fruit, but also getting to market the fruit of other people dedicated to the same crop, thus benefiting the region in general.

During the early years the fruit is commercialized in the domestic market only.

Because the barrier plant to be had with the U.S. market from the year 1914 was not possible until the year 1997 Michoacan avocado market to that market. Seeing the need to expand our market decides to start with the process of certification for export to USA. Being until 2005 that starts this operation.

During the following years, increasing competition in the marketing of both Michoacan avocado as other producing countries such as Chile and Peru, as well as the same avocado from California, USA.

This is why FRUTAS FINAS DE TANCITARO S.A. DE C.V. considered strategic development, implementation and operation of a system based Quality Management processes, which is consistent with the objectives of the company, that encourages quality, promote competitiveness and achieve continuous improvement and meet and exceed the needs and customer expectations, ensuring the quality of its services, through which FRUTAS FINAS DE TANCITARO S.A. DE C.V. able to maintain the leadership in the export of quality avocado USA.


  • Take our product to the main markets of the world, offering our customers the guarantee of a safe product.
  • Maintain the safety certifications that guarantee us to our customers, as a safe company in terms of product management.
  • Offer our customers only the best quality product.
  • Comply with the delivery terms of the Product and with the agreed amounts.
  • Always attend our customers and suppliers of raw materials in a good way.

Our Safety Policy is Based on:

  • Constant staff training on good manufacturing practices.
  • Maintain constant monitoring to avoid contamination hazards.
  • Establish internal and general regulations to avoid contamination during packaging.
  • The constant search for certifications that guarantee us before the client.
  • Provision for the review and monitoring of our process, in addition to control points.
  • Availability for acquisition of materials necessary to reduce the risks of contamination.
  • Search for qualified advisers in the area of safety that implement improvements in packaging.
  • Adaptations to current regulations and correction of deviations detected.


To be a regional, national and international leader in the merchandising and distribution of Mexican Avocado, providing a product of excellent quality to our customers, who meet the requirements established for distribution and sale in international markets.


To be a profitable and competitive company at a regional level, staying close to our consumers.  Develop in our staff the necessary skills to implement the Good Manufacturing Practices.



Currently our National Market focuses on the following cities:
  • Tijuana, Baja California Norte.
  • Culiacán, Sinaloa.
  • Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua.
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco


Current international markets: Mainly United States of America:
  • Texas
  • Chicago
  • Oregon
  • Atlanta
  • Los Angeles
  • Nueva York
  • Florida
  • San Francisco
  • California


Mexico Supreme Quality is an official seal that ensures health, safety and superior quality products mainly Mexican Food and fisheries.

APEAM is an association representing two thousand and four and twenty avocado growers packers Michoacan state in order to combine efforts to export business in the U.S. market.

APEAM has promoted the "Mexican Avocado" since 1997 fulfilling the main objective is the promotion of this excellent fruit in the U.S. market.

APEAM is a major generator of jobs and produces a significant economic benefit to the State of Michoacan creating a multiplier effect on other sectors.

UDECAM Unión de Empacadores y Comercializadores de Aguacate de Michoacán, A.C.

primusGFS is a private system, which establishes requirements for the certification of agricultural products on a voluntary worldwide.


ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed Ambientale), is a consortium that certifies companies that control and conduct their activities in relation to people and nature, the defense of the workers of the dignity and the rights of consumers.

With nearly 13,000 companies controlled with a strong ethical value, environmental and social, 300 technicians and 28 territorial operative structures in Italy and abroad, ICEA is among the most important organs of the sector in Italy and in Europe, where it operates in favor of a just and socially sustainable development, ranging from organic farming to other bio-related sectors.

As a matter of fact, cover ICEA certified food (organic food production and organic aquaculture) non-food (organic cosmetics and detergents, eco textiles, eco furniture, green building materials, sustainable management of green areas, certification SA8000).

ICEA also conducts research and development to promote green innovation of products and processes, the training activity to operators and technical / professional organic sector, and actively participates in several international cooperation projects, besides being active in nationally. ICEA along with BIOL Italy organizes awards, events and awareness campaigns to increase the spread and share the culture, knowledge and values related to organic production.

The United States Department of Agriculture, USDA is an executive unit of the U.S. Federal Government Its purpose is to develop and implement policies of livestock, agriculture and food. His goal is to understand the needs of producers (farmers, ranchers), promote agricultural trade and production, work to assure food safety, protect natural resources, improving rural communities and end hunger.



MEXBEST MexBest corporate image is created by SAGARPA, to present and promote the agricultural products of the Mexican countryside export quality through the most important events and exhibitions agricultural and fishing sector, which are conducted in major export markets.



Senasica Sagarpa The National Health Service Agrifood Food Safety and Quality (SENASICA) is a decentralized body of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), focused on health order actions to protect agricultural resources, aquaculture, and livestock pests and diseases of quarantine and economically, and to regulate and promote the implementation and certification of systems for risk reduction of contamination of food and food quality of these, to facilitate domestic and international trade of goods origin plants and animals.

SENASICA works with other federal government departments, with state governments, Congress and producer organizations, industrialists and traders of agricultural, aquaculture and fisheries in the country, as well as service providers.















FRUTAS FINAS DE TANCÍTARO has exported avocados Netherlands, Japan, Canada and the United States, in addition to meeting the domestic market in the states of Baja California, Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Puebla, Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Mexico City.

The production process starts in the garden under the strictest conditions of hygiene, harvesting and transportation, meeting the needs and requirements of the departments of agriculture of Mexico and overseas authorities.

In the gardens takes careful control of pests and diseases of trees and plant nutrition analysis and water analysis.

The cutting is done with the right equipment consisting of: hook, scissors and bag, which are carefully cleaned and disinfected for use.

Once cut the fruit is placed in plastic boxes, which will be accommodated by specialized machinery in the transport truck.

Agriculture department staff reviews the conditions of hygiene, safety and registration of the garden, in addition to overseeing the cut and quality of the fruit.

Once loaded on the truck uta fr, place a label on each box and a seal on the door of the truck, which is only open in the packing department personnel agriculture in Mexico and the United States.

Already in the packing, the boxes are placed on a conveyor that empties the boxes in a roller lifter. A team called turner, empty boxes on rollers which separate the remains of leaves or branches that can bring the fruit.

The fruit moves in channels, to reach the area where some brushes, dust cleaned avocado, and bring out that glow characteristic of Michoacan avocado.

In the next stage of the classifier, separate the smaller fruit and removed from the process. When necessary fruit is selected manually.

Continuing through the sorting machine channel so computed by selecting the fruit weight and color, depending on customer needs and labeled individually avocado.

Since the fruit is classified into different bins or packaging modules, packaging personnel, takes place on the filling and packaging boxes, placing a cardboard tray for separating avocado and rough treatment to prevent chafing.

It performs a final review and separation of the fruit by hand, to classify it in first or second grade.

Prepackaged boxes are stacked as the caliber, fruit quality or color, thereby making the assembly of the pallet.

The platforms that are already assembled, are reviewed by authorized personnel of the department of agriculture in Mexico and the United States, to ensure compliance with export requirements.

And as the last part of our process, the pallets with avocado, are shipped in refrigerated containers, according to the requests of our customers and place a seal Mexico Department of Agriculture, in the tractor, which will bear fruit, to their destination.